• Μικρό Μεταγωγικό: Το μικρό μεταγωγικό είναι ένα ευκίνητο φορτηγό σκάφος μικρής χωρητικότητας, που μπορεί να μεταφέρει πόρους σε άλλους πλανήτες .
  • Μεγάλο Μεταγωγικό: Το μεγάλο μεταγωγικό είναι μια βελτιωμένη εκδοχή του μικρού μεταγωγικού. Μεταφέρει πενταπλάσιο φορτίο από ένα μικρό μεταγωγικό και κινείται με μεγαλύτερες ταχύτητες λόγω των κινητήρων προώθησης καύσεως που είναι εξοπλισμένο.
  • Light Fighter: The light fighter is a maneuverable ship you can find on nearly every planet. The costs are not particularly high, but likewise the shield power and loading capacity is very low.
  • Heavy Fighter: The heavy fighter is a straight evolution of the light fighter offering increased shielding and firing power.
  • Cruiser: Combat cruisers have armour almost three times as strong as heavy fighters and sport more than twice their firing power. Their travelling speed is also amongst the fastest seen.
  • Battle Ship: Battle ships provide the backbone of any military fleet. Heavy armoury, strong weapons systems and high cruising speed as well as a large cargo bay make this ship a tough opponent to fight against.
  • Battlecruiser: This ship is deadly when it comes to destroying fleets. With its improved laser cannons, it holds a privileged position between the heavy ships, capable of taking down several of them in no time.
  • Destroyer: The destroyer is the heaviest spaceship ever seen and has unprecedented firepower.
  • Death Star: There is nothing as big and dangerous as an approaching death star.
  • Bomber: The bomber is a special purpose spacecraft developed to break through heavy planetary defence.
  • Recycler: Recycler ships are used to harvest floating debris in space to recycle valuable resources.
  • Espionage Probe: Espionage probes are little unmanned drones with exceptionaly fast propulsion system used to spy on foreign worlds.
  • Solar Satellite: Solar satellites are simple orbiting satellites equipped with photovoltaic cells and means of energy transfer back to the planet. The energy hereby is transmitted to the planet using a special laser beam.
  • Colony Ship: This ship provides the means necessary to go where no man has gone before and to colonize new worlds.

Ship Performance Specifications Edit

ShipStructural IntegrityShield PowerWeapon PowerCargo CapacityBase SpeedFuel Consumption
Small Cargo Ship 4,0001055,0005,000 (10,000)10 (20)
Large Cargo Ship 12,00025525,0007,50050
Light Fighter 4,00010505012,50020
Heavy Fighter 10,0002515010010,00075
Cruiser 27,0005040080015,000300
Battle Ship 60,0002001,0001,50010,000500
Battlecruiser 70,00040070075010,000250
Destroyer 110,0005002,0002,0005,0001,000
Death Star 9,000,00050,000200,0001,000,0001001
Bomber 75,0005001,0005004,000(5,000)1,000
Recycler 16,00010120,0002,000300
Espionage Probe1,0000.010.0101,000,0001
Solar Satellite2,00011000
Colony Ship 30,000100507,5002,5001,000

Also see Rapid Fire.

Ship Costs Edit

ShipMetalCrystalDeuterium ShipyardOther Requirements
Small Cargo Ship 2,0002,0000 Level 2 Combustion Engine(Level 2)
Large Cargo Ship 6,0006,0000 Level 4 Combustion Engine (Level 6)
Light Fighter 3,0001,0000 Level 1Combustion Engine (Level 1)
Heavy Fighter 6,0004,0000 Level 3 Armour Technology (Level 2)
Impulse Engine (Level 2)
Cruiser 20,0007,0002,000 Level 5Impulse Engine (Level 4)
Ion Technology (Level 2)
Battle Ship 45,00015,0000 Level 7Hyperspace Engine (Level 4)
Battlecruiser 30,00040,00015,000 Level 8Hyperspace Technology(Level 5)
Hyperspace Engine (Level 5)
Laser Technology (Level 12)
Destroyer 60,00050,00015,000 Level 9Hyperspace Engine (Level 6)
Hyperspace Technology(Level 5)
Death Star 5,000,0004,000,0001,000,000 Level 12Hyperspace Engine (Level 7)
Hyperspace Technology (Level 6)
Graviton Technology (Level 1)
Bomber 50,00025,00015,000 Level 8Impulse Engine (Level 6)
Plasma Technology(Level 5)
Recycler 10,0006,0002,000 Level 4Combustion Engine (Level 6)
Shielding Technology (Level 2)
Espionage Probe01,0000 Level 3Combustion Engine (Level 3)
Espionage Technology (Level 2)
Solar Satellite02,000500 Level 1-
Colony Ship 10,00020,00010,000 Level 4Impulse Engine (Level 3)
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