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Далее следует строительный обзор для полных новичков, дающий им возможность придерживаться чего-то, пока они развиваются. Главной целью здесь является постройка Small Cargo Ship чтобы как можно быстрееначать raiding inactive players или незащищенные planets. Это также даст возможностьпостроить несколько Rocket Launchers.


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Suggested build strategy[]

You must first access the Resources tab of the Main Menu to create the resource buildings. Later (from step 27), other buildings can be built from the facilities tab on the main menu and Technologies can be researched from the Research tab. Timings are provided at each step: the time to build this step, the time to mine the resources for the next step, and the total time since the start before the next step can be begun (the total times were all calculated using the other times in the table, and afterward rounded off to the nearest 5 or so minutes for display purposes).



Building/Tech Building/Tech




Approx. time to wait

for resources

Approx. total time
1 Solar Plant 1 2m 31s 0 2m 31s
2 Metal Mine 1 1m 48s 0 4m 19s
3 Metal Mine 2 2m 42s 0 7m 1s
4 Solar Plant 2 3m 46s 0 10m 47s
5 Metal Mine 3 4m 3s 1h 1h 15m
6 Metal Mine 4 6m 4s 55m 2h 16m
7 Solar Plant 3 5m 40s 8m 2h 30m
8 Crystal Mine 1 1m 43s 1h 15m 3h 45m
9 Solar Plant 4 8m 30s 1h 25m 5h 20m
10 Metal Mine 5 9m 6s 1h 30m 7h
11 Solar Plant 5 12m 45s 6m 7h 20m
12 Crystal Mine 2 2m 45s 17m 7h 35m
13 Crystal Mine 3 4m 33s 24m 8h 5m
14 Solar Plant 6 19m 8s 1h 50m 10h 15m
15 Deuterium Synthesizer 1 7m 22s 1h 10m 11h 30m
16 Crystal Mine 4 7m 4s 3h 10m 14h 50m
17 Solar Plant 7 28m 42s 1h 16h 20m
18 Metal Mine 6 13m 40s 1h 30m 18h
19 Metal Mine 7 20m 20s 2h 45m 21h
20 Solar Plant 8 45m 0 22h
21 Crystal Mine 5 11m 19s 35m 22h 40m
22 Deuterium Synthesizer 2 10m 48s 4h 20m 27h
23 Solar Plant 9 1h 4m 35s 0 28h 15m
24 Deuterium Synthesizer 3 16m 12s 7m 28h 40m
25 Deuterium Synthesizer 4 24m 18s 2h 15m 29h 40m
26 Deuterium Synthesizer 5 36m 27s 21m 30h 40m
27 Robotics Factory 1 12m 28s 44m 31h 30m
28 Research Lab 1 7m 12s 1h 45m 33h 30m
29 Robotics Factory 2 12m 28s 1h 40m* 35h 15m
30 Energy Tech. 1 24m 30m* 36h
31 Shipyard 1 4m 48s 6h 40m 43h
32 Solar Plant 10 32m 17s 0* 43h 30m
33 Combustion Drive 1 12m 30m 44h
34 Crystal Mine 6 6m 2s 1h 45m 46h
35 Shipyard 2 9m 36s 2h 25m 48h 30m
36 Deuterium Synthesizer 6 18m 13s 6h 45m* 55h 30m
37 Combustion Drive 2 24m 56h
*Varies depending on proximity to sun. This is because the farther away you are the more Deuterium is produced (i.e. if you are closer it may take longer). Conversely, the closer you are the more Energy is produced by Solar Satellites, although they are not included in this guide.

Now build a small cargo ship. This building order ensures you get to this stage in as short a time as possible.

By the end, you should have this: Metal Mine: 7 Crystal Mine: 6 Deuterium Synthesizer: 6 Solar Plant: 10 Robotics Factory: 2 Research Lab: 1 Energy Tech: 1 Shipyard: 2 Combustion Drive: 2

After this[]

  • New design quest stages (tutorial help) allow players to get one merchant for free, therefore this order can be a bit slightly changed with pushing more into metal mines (and selling gained metal for deuterium for last combustion drive to merchant)

You should keep building up mines to get more resources and research new tech according to how you want to play from then on. If you like attacking people, focus on getting espionage probes as soon as possible, so you can see planet defences. You can see what tech you need under the technology screen.

You could now research laser tech for better defences, or you could focus on impulse drive for heavy fighter, colony ships, and cruisers (in that order). Regardless what you choose, you should research armour tech, weapons tech, and shielding tech: these help build your defences, and their benefits apply to other colonies too. You could also try to improve your combustion engine tech for faster small cargo so you raid faster and will have access to recyclers and large cargo ships at level 6. Bear in mind that you could also focus on getting impulse tech 5 instead giving your small cargo a massive speed boost (they become as fast as heavy fighters) but you'll be missing out sorely on recyclers (needs combustion 6). Researching impulse mostly costs huge amounts of crystal, while combustion takes more deuterium.

See also[]