Administrate alliance is a power that only founders of alliances and people given similar power by the founder or his/her chosen deputy (Right Hand) can use.

The administrate alliance right is interlinked with rank. The founder starts with all rights and often creates a series of ranks most often linked to members' points. Privileges such as the ability to see members' activity status can then be allocated to the ranks as the founder sees fit.

In the administrator area one can adjust the ranks and privileges of the alliance members, and if the proper powers are given one can accept applications to join or kick people out. In addition one can change the alliance logo shown to all accessing the alliance page in-game. External and internal text can be added or changed as can the homepage of the alliance if it has one. Click here to learn how to use alliance text effects.

Disbanding the alliance, merging with another alliance as well as transferring the founder status can also be achieved from this area.