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Base Cost
Metal: 20,000
Crystal: 40,000
Deuterium: 0
Energy: 0

Alliance Depot.jpg

An Alliance Depot is where a friendly fleet can be re-fueled with your deuterium, allowing them to remain at your planet. This building is only available in universes where Alliance Combat System is enabled.

The Alliance Depot allows you to support friendly fleets so they can remain stationed at your planet for a time. The depot can launch a support-rocket that brings deuterium to the fleet in the orbit. The amount of deuterium is 20,000 deuterium for each Alliance Depot Level.

Normally the maximum time a fleet can hold is 32 hours. Every time you launch a support-rocket, the fleet is able to use the deuterium to remain in orbit longer (see table for deuterium usage rates). Because larger depots are able to launch more deuterium in the support rockets, they are able to sustain larger fleets.

Ship Type Holding Cost
(Deuterium per hour)
Small Cargo Ship 1
Large Cargo Ship 5
Light Fighter 2
Heavy Fighter 7
Cruiser 30
Battle Ship 50
Colony Ship 100
Recycler 30
Espionage Probe 0.1
Bomber 100
Destroyer 100
Battlecruiser 25

Death Star


Level Table[]

Level Upgrade cost
Metal Crystal Deuterium
1 20,000 40,000 0
2 40,000 80,000 0
3 80,000 160,000 0
4 160,000 320,000 0
5 320,000 640,000 0
6 640,000 1,280,000 0
7 1,280,000 2,560,000 0
8 2,560,000 5,120,000 0

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