Users can be banned from OGame for a variety of rule infractions. These can range from temporary bans for relatively minor offences like swearing or first time pushing to bans for persistent bad behaviour or multi accounting amongst other offences. A banned user can be identified in OGame by the (b) symbol that appears after their name on the Galaxy Screen. In addition the OGame Forums have a Pillory section showing the current list of banned players, who banned them, the reason for their banning and its duration. When a Player is Banned they are automaticly placed into vacation mode, although this practice is questioned by Ogame members as some believe that being open to raiding should be part of the punishment.

If users believe that a player has sent them an offensive or threatening message they may report it to a Game Operator for review. This is done by checking the 'report message?' box on the message screen.

Game Operators administer the game and they have a number of powers to facilitate this. One of these is the ability to ban users. There are a number of reasons for GO imposed bans of which the most common is Multi Accounting. However, GOs also have the power to investigate user accounts to look for signs of Pushing, Bug Exploits or other activities contrary to the rules of the game. There are a number of punishments for these offences depending on both their severity and, in some cases, the number of times the offense has been committed. These range from temporary vacation mode bans - for example, the three day ban for first offence pushing puts the offender in vacation mode so they cannot be attacked during this time - to permanent bans where the user is barred sine die from the game. There are set penalties for each offense, however the GO has discretion to ban a user where their conduct, although not specifically covered by the rules, is contrary to the ethos of the game.

Bans may be contested by approaching the relevant GO for clarification or, failing a satisfactory resolution, the Universe's Super Game Operator.

You are not allowed to talk about your ban on the board, and all threads regarding bans will be closed. A player that opens one will get a warning. You can contact a GO, SGO or GA by opening ticket

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