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Bashing is defined as attacking a single planet or moon more than 6 times within a 24 hour period. If a player has 9 planets with 9 moons that would be 108 attacks possible on a single person within a 24 hour period; one can attack each planet and moon 6 times only. Bashing inactive accounts is NOT considered bashing. However if the player returns and you still have more than 6 attacks heading to him you can be reported for bashing. 

Attacking fleets that are completely destroyed do not count towards the bashing rule. This includes Espionage Probes sent on an attack mission for the purpose of creating a debris field. Espionage Probes sent on espionage missions do not count, even if they are detected. Also, Fleets whose combat is affected by the no-fire bug are exempt from the bashing rule. Please note that Moon Destruction missions count as attacks under the bashing rules.

The bashing rule does not apply to firing Interplanetary Missiles.

(1) In Universe 30, Universe 40, and Universe 42, you may attack a planet or moon up to 12 times in a single 24 hour period because of the higher speed factor.

(2) In Universe 35 and Electra, you may attack any planet or moon up to 20 times in a single 24 hours period.

The bashing rule is suspended 12 hours after war is declared, between the alliances in the war.

In ogame.com.pt the high speed factor rules do not apply, 8 is the maximum of attacks in any Universe even high speed ones.