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The Battlecruiser is a fast ship with low fuel consumption. It's main purpose is to take on enemy fleets. The Battlecruiser is the mean between the Battleship and the Destroyer.

The Battlecruiser is highly specialized in the interception of hostile fleets. This ship is deadly when it comes to destroying attacking fleets. With its improved laser cannons, it holds a privileged position among the heavy ships, where it can take down several of them in no time. Due to its small design and its enormous weaponry, the load cargo is minimal, but this is compensated by the low fuel consumption of the built-in hyperspace engine.


Uses and Advantages

It is extremely effective in the general raiding scene, as most people house plenty of cargoes on their planets to help save their resources. Many top fleeters are switching from Battleships to Battlecruisers as their main raiding ship because of their RF against many types of ships and the bonus of 10.000 additional structural integrity, allowing it to take more punishment. Coupled with the fact that it has twice the shields as a Battleship, the Battlecruiser is proving to be the most versatile and useful ship in Ogame. In general, this ship can take on Battleships with a 2:1 ratio and come out victorious. This makes it an important asset when dealing with heavy concentrations of Heavy Fighters and Battleships in an opposing fleet.


Given its RF against so many ships that are used frequently, the Battlecruiser has few weaknesses. Its shielding helps it fend off large amounts of Light Fighters. The only threats to it are the Destroyer and Death Star, but as these ships aren't used en masse very often, this weakness isn't exploited very often. Obviously, a pure Battlecruiser fleet won't win you every war, but it will win a lot more than was previously thought. It will have difficulty against large turtle shells, due to its lack of RF against surface defences. It also has 300 less firepower than a Battleship, but this is overlooked very often. Another problem that weaker players may have with the battlecruiser is its cost.


This ship is one of the most advanced fighting ships ever to be developed, and is particularly deadly when it comes to destroying attacking fleets. With its improved laser cannons on board and advanced Hyperspace engine, the Battlecruiser is a serious force to be dealt with in any attack. Due to the ships design and its large weapons system, the cargo holds had to be cut, but this is compensated for by the lowered fuel consumption.



Metal: 30000
Crystal: 40000
Deuterium: 15000
Energy: 0


Structural integrity: 70000
Shield Power: 400
Weapon Power: 700
Cargo Capacity: 750 Units
Base Speed: 10000
Fuel Consumption: 250

Rapid Fire

This ship against others:
Espionage Probe x 5
Solar Satellite x 5
Small Cargo x 3
Large Cargo x 3
Heavy Fighter x 4
Cruiser x 4
Battleship x 7
Crawler x 5
Others against this ship:
Destroyer x 2
Death Star x 15


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