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    February 26, 2020 by ManiacMika

    if max field is 252
    sqrt 252 = 15.875 (max size in km, rounded up after sqrt)
    Can also be noted 252^0.5 = 15.87450786638754
    15.875^2 = 252.015625
    252 rounded down (after a square ^2)

    with discoverer 10% bonus
    15.875*1.1 = 17.4625
    17.462^2 = 304.921444
    or 17.463^2 = 304.956369
    Rounded down to 304 fields

    that's 52 fields more
    304/252 = 1.206349206349206
    or 20% more fields
    for a 10% bonus in planet size
    without counting neither the server settings additional fields nor terraformer which adds flat numbers on top

    for the minimal planet size gain, let's look at 90 fields
    sqrt 90 = 9.487
    9.487^2 = 90.00316900000000
    9.487*1.1 = 10.43570000000000
    10.436^2 = 108.910096
    108 fields rounded down
    108/90 = 1.2
    18/90 = 0.2
    20% increased fields

    Explanation is most likely to be du…

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    OGame Wiki Structure

    February 18, 2020 by ManiacMika
    • EN Mensa (language, server, server settings)
    • Inn System
      • Change player name
    • Highscore
      • Player highscore
      • Alliance highscore - Points Per Member
      • Points
      • Economy Points
      • Research points
      • Military points
        • Military points built
        • Military points destroyed
        • Military points lost
        • Honour points
    • Notes
      • Priority: Important, Normal, Unimportant
      • Your message (5000 characters)
    • Buddylist
      • My buddies
        • Buddy Request
        • requests sent
        • Online/Offline Account activity
      • Buddy Points
      • Premium Buddy Points
      • Ignored Players
    • Search
      • Player names
      • Alliances/Tags
      • Planet names
    • Options
      • User data
        • Players Name
      • General
        • Spy probes
        • Chat
        • Warnings
      • Display
        • General
        • Your planets
        • Overview
        • Overlays
        • Messages
        • Galaxy
      • Extended
        • Vacation Mode
        • Your Account
    • Support
    • Log out

    • Metal
    • Crystal
    • Deuterium
    • Dark Matter
    • Energy
    • Class
      • Collector
      • General
      • Discoverer
    • Officers

    • ❔ Welc…
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  • ManiacMika

    Defences - Pros & Cons

    February 18, 2020 by ManiacMika

    By Grimm Feb 6th 2020

    Following up my Combat Ships guide, here's the "Turtle" guide. I'm going to be talking about each defensive's structure advantages and disadvantages against fleets, and I'll also expand on the "uber" side of turtles as well.

    For starters, let's add here the advantages and disadvantages of Defensive Structures in comparison to Combat Ship.

    • -Most notably, they do not generate Debris Field, and thus are never profitable to fight against without resources/other ships behind. This of course is different when it comes to Defence into Debris Field Universes which have that special feature. And by not being profitable t…

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  • ManiacMika

    Combat Ships - Pros & Cons

    February 18, 2020 by ManiacMika

    By Grimm Jan 30th 2020

    It's been a while since I thought about making a tutorial-esque type of thread involving ships (and also defences which I will do in another thread). I won't put here all the details most people already know about like their price and stats. I will just do a quick summary on how each ship is or can be used.

    So, without further ado, let's get straight to it:

    • BEST against: Reaper
    • GOOD against: Battleship, Battlecruiser, Bomber, Destroyer
    • BAD against: Cruiser, Deathstar
    • Against Defences:
    • GOOD against: Gauss Cannon, Plasma Turret
    • BAD against: Heavy Laser, Ion Cannon, Large Shield Dome
    • It's a ship that is mostly used as fodder to…

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  • ManiacMika

    Ogame Story

    January 23, 2020 by ManiacMika

    Story Chapters collected from Facebook Posts. Slightly modified (older?), but with final chapter available at OGame Story

    This is the story of one species, one race - our race, humans. It’s amazing, the story that I'm about to tell you has not yet taken place, but it's worth telling. Sooner or later you'll discover that time moves in parallel, that everything that has happened in the past shapes the present, and that the present is the foundation for the future. We found a way to visit the past without altering the future, since a person can only alter the future only by living it firsthand. This might be hard to understand, but it's true. Only when you know that something has happened can you change it, because then it is part of your pas…

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  • ManiacMika

    Other Wiki to compare

    January 22, 2020 by ManiacMika
    • (Category list)
    • (Main page structure)
    • (Update Main page footer)
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  • ManiacMika

    Gameforge OGame Promo

    January 22, 2020 by ManiacMika


    Fight for control of the universe in the classic space strategy sim OGame. Conquer new planets, research futuristic technologies, forge alliances and compete against thousands of other rulers in epic space battles. Learn more

    Play now

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  • ManiacMika

    Similar Games

    January 22, 2020 by ManiacMika
    • Battlestar Universe
    • Niburu Space
    • Xterium War of Alliances
    • Gemini Station
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  • ManiacMika

    Ogame News - Events

    January 22, 2020 by ManiacMika

    Starts: 20 January, 00:00

    Use a discount of 25% on the halving and completion of all building and research tasks now!

    Full details in the forum!

    Expand now – discount your way to victory 20.01.2020 01:02:05 From: OGame
    Hello Inn System,

    Are growth and progress at the top of your agenda? Are you thirsting to continue your raids in space and expand your empire? Then use this chance to halve the time constructing buildings, ships, defences and doing research! During this offer period there`s a galactic discount of 25% to be had!

    Grab this chance with both hands – now`s the time to expand!

    The OGame Team Read more >
  • ManiacMika

    Expeditions 7.1

    January 22, 2020 by ManiacMika

    Collection of info regarding v7 expo

    • Thread Discoverer Info
    • Thread Calc 7.1 with Explanation and fix

    • Old Expedition Calculator by Bontchev
    • 7.1 Expedition Calculator by Benneb

    Disco: 1.5 * eco speed * 2 for a PF
    Others: 1 * 2 for a PF

    non-DIscoverers get no eco speed bonus, Their numbers never change regardless of eco speed. They do get *2 for having a PF, and again, the points of rank 1 and HST are the variables for max possible rewards and how many cargos to carry it, etc.

    discoverer have 20% to deep space df, others 10%
    Rarity Chance Factor
    Common 89% x10-50
    Uncommon 10% x50-100
    Rare 1% x100-200
    Avg. Factor Weight of total wealth 30*89% 26.7 75% from common 75*10% 7.5 21% from uncommon 150*1% 1.5 4% from rare
    Avg. Factor 35.7
    On a roll of 10.000 possi…

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  • MalXenos

    Tech pages

    January 9, 2010 by MalXenos

    Decided to make all the tech pages more uniform. Some had the tech template in its own header. Some did not. Updated all the pages to have it now in its own header under "See Also".

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  • MalXenos

    Random Updates

    January 2, 2010 by MalXenos

    I am rather bored at work so I figured I would up date some pages here.

    Updated the following pages:

    • Energy Technology - Added Sum Col for the total sum of techs
    • Combustion Drive - Added up to drive level 10
    • Impulse Drive - Added up to drive 10
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  • Zebrax8

    Graviton Technology

    August 30, 2009 by Zebrax8

    Is it really worth it getting Graviton Technology?

    The only use for it is deathstars, and that's only level 1, so why get level 2?

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