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Board administrators -- BAs -- are the highest authority of the Board and are on top of the Boardteam. Thus, they make most of the decisions. The number of board administrators varies between the different Boards (.de, .org, .fr, .pl, etc.). Since Monster quit, the number of BAs in the English board dropped from 4 to 3. On 2006-06-26, the number of BAs was raised to 4 by admitting traviance. The BA rank was created in 2004; before then, all organizational cases concerning the Board were managed by the Ogame Council.

Board administrators are able to:

  • appoint Moderators and Super-Moderators
  • lock Users
  • delete or modify Signatures, Avatars, etc. which are against rules.
  • remove Posts or Threads (only applied at old Threads in the archive)
  • change board settings (e. g., to configure the topics where posts are counted and where not)
  • change your account settings
  • change user titles manually
  • change usernames manually