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The bomber is used primarily to destroy any planetary defense: its high rapid fire against most defensive structures makes it effective for planetary assaults. Hyperspace engines are added when Hyperspace Drive level 8 is reached.


Uses and Advantages

Bombers are most useful for crushing enemy defenses. Given their high deuterium cost to build and move, they are mostly a specialty ship. Bombers are great for expedition missions: they are powerful and have high structural integrity, so you will find more resources and bring back bigger and better ships. They are used best together with Destroyers due to them having nearly the same speed on Hyperspace Drive level 8, and they have good effects on fleets sitting behind defense.


While Bombers are slightly stronger than Battle Ships, it is not recommended to include them in attacking fleets. Given their slow speed, you would expose your force to potential Sensor Phalanx crashes. Also, as Bombers cost not significantly less amount of fuel than Destroyers, it is sometimes better to use Destroyers instead of Bombers in an attack.


Over the centuries, as defenses were starting to get larger and more sophisticated, fleets were starting to be destroyed at an alarming rate. It was decided that a new ship was needed to break defenses to ensure maximum results. After years of research and development, the Bomber was created.

Using laser-guided targeting equipment and Plasma Bombs, the Bomber seeks out and destroys any defense mechanism it can find. As soon as the hyperspace drive is developed to Level 8, the Bomber is retrofitted with the hyperspace engine and can fly at higher speeds.



Metal: 50,000
Crystal: 25,000
Deuterium: 15,000
Energy: 0


Structural integrity: 75,000
Shield Power: 500
Weapon Power: 1,000
Cargo Capacity: 500 Units
Base Speed: 4,000 (5,000)
Fuel Consumption: 700

Rapid Fire

This ship against others:
Espionage Probe x 5
Solar Satellite x 5
Crawler x 5
Rocket Launcher x 20
Light Laser x 20
Heavy Laser x 10
Ion Cannon x 10
Gauss Cannon x 5
Plasma Turret x 5
Others against this ship:
Death Star x 25
Reaper x 4


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