A bot (short form of robot) is a program that automatically and mostly autonomously carries out actions, a human-controlled software would be overstrained with. Thus, a bot is a "Work-machine". It is not necessesarily an A.I.

Examples of BotsEdit

  • An important example of bots are webcrawlers of internet search engines, that autonomously search the web following links and evaluating the content of pages.
  • When many bots communicate in a remote controlled network, it is called a botnet. Many botnets are networks of compromised private-PCs in order to execute focused DDOS-attacks. Others link several IRC-networks
  • In video games, computer-controlled actors who sometimes take over for a human player in multiplayer games, are also called bots.
  • Bots are also used to keep IRC channels open.

Bots in OGameEdit

There are bots in OGame that scan entire galaxies and save the results in a database. Others automatically raid inactive players or even manage entire accounts. These bots send fleets, execute build orders and farm according to the settings of the user.

All programs of this sort are forbidden and their use can result in a permanent ban. They grant an unfair advantage to the user and increase server traffic through constant requests.


  • This page was directly translated from Owiki, the German OGame Wikipedia.
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