The buddylist in OGame allows a player to keep a working list of friends in his "Buddylist" section. This list shows the players' names, alliance, coords of their homeplanets, and whether they are online (logged in with planet activity, returning fleets, being probed - like the Galaxy View) or not. In order for a player to be successfully added to a buddylist, one player must send a "Buddy Request" to the other, whereupon if accepted BOTH players are added to each others' lists. If one of the players decides to delete the other player, BOTH players are removed from each others' lists and the player who was deleted shall receive a message informing him of the removal.

There is a maximum amount of 1000 players you can have on your buddy list simultaneously.

Buddy Points Edit

Along ~2.2.0 update, the buddy points were introduced. You can earn buddy points for active invited friends and spend them on commander (50 BP) or planet resource production increase (10% on a planet for a day; 10 BP).

Where active means:

  • already finished tutorial step 1-4
  • +1% of his total points within the last 24h

You earn 1 point for 1 active invited buddy

If your friend spends Dark Matter you will receive 5% of it as "premium buddy points" (PBP).

1 PBP = 0,5 Dark Matter

With purchases you can upgrade this ratio with +0.5 DM per purchase up to a maximum of 1 PBP = 2 DM.

This Dark Matter will be handled like "expedition Dark Matter", so you can be deleted if you just have this type of Dark Matter on your account.