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Facilities are structures which develop your planets. Each level of each building occupies one field of a planet. For a decent overview of what to build in the beginning, look at the Quick Start Guide.

See the Dependency Tree for the requirements to certain buildings.

It is possible to cancel the production of a building. When it is canceled, the resources that had been subtracted from the planet are given back. This can be used as a good method for saving resources. It is possible to save resources from plunder by first starting a production and then cancelling it when the danger passes.

Structures on a Planet or Moon can be also deconstructed by clicking on that structure from within the Facilities section.

Facilities cost[]

Buildings have a base cost in metal, crystal, and deuterium. The cost of a building depends on its level and the base cost of the specific building.

Facility type Cost
Metal Mine
Solar Plant
Deuterium Synthesizer
Crystal Mine
Fusion Reactor
All other Facilities


There area some building calculators available that can help you determine building times and costs. See tools.

Buildings construction time[]

The base time taken to construct a level of a building depends on the amount of metal and crystal that level costs. Construction times are reduced by Robotic Factories and Nanite Factories (see this last page for the complete formula).

NOTE : It seems that at least in some universes this value needs to be multiplied by 2/(7 - Current level of the building constructed), until the said building is level 5. Can someone confirm this for all universes ?

NOTE : The additional reduction in time applies to the redesigned universes.

Buildings art[]

Ogame Resource Buildings (Jungle)

Ogame Facilities (Jungle)

Ogame Resource Buildings (Savanna)

Ogame Facilities (Savanna)

Ogame Resource Buildings (Dry)

Ogame Facilities (Dry)

Ogame Resource Buildings (Gas Giant)

Ogame Facilities (Gas Giant)

Ogame Resource Buildings (Water)

Ogame Facilities (Water)

Ogame Resource Buildings (Ice)

Ogame Facilities (Ice)

External Links[]

  • o-tools Calculator tools for oGame - Building costs and times
  • Buildings on the official Gameforge wiki for OGame
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