This measures the amount of resources a ship can hold alone. As well as this, we can measure the Cargo Capacity of a fleet. When talking about fleets, the cargo capacity is the sum of the cargo capacity of each ship composing the fleet, subtracting the deuterium cost of the mission (spent as fuel).

The easiest way to check that you have enough capacity is to simulate the attack using speedsim.

If you have insufficient cargo capacity to carry the required deuterium for a mission, then either reduce the speed of the ships being sent, or send more cargo ships in the fleet. In redesigned universes, the fuel tank is separate, but the capacity is still equal to that of the cargo capacity.

Ships by Cargo Capacity[edit | edit source]

Ship Cargo Capacity
Death Star 1,000,000
Large Cargo Ship 25,000
Recycler 20,000
Colony Ship 7,500
Small Cargo Ship 5,000
Destroyer 2,000
Battle Ship 1,500
Cruiser 800
Battlecruiser 750
Bomber 500
Heavy Fighter 100
Light Fighter 50
Espionage Probe 5
Solar Satellite 0
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