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A Combat Report is a message that you get when you have attacked or have been attacked by a player. It explains what exactly happened in the battle.

There are some tools for coloring and summarising combat reports, making them easier to read.

When you receive a combat report, the subject line says, for example,

Combat Report (5,130) [1:1:1] (V:400000,A:1000)

Inside the first brackets it shows (number of rounds in the battle, number of ships left) so in this battle there were 5 rounds and 130 ships left. The number of rounds is always shown as (number of rounds-1) with a min of 0 and a max of 5.

Inside the square brackets it shows the co-ordinates that the attack took place at.

Inside the other brackets it shows what both sides lost in Units (1 resource = 1 unit)

V = person who was attacked

A = person attacking.

So in this case the attacker lost 1000 units and the defender lost 400,000.