The Commander-position has established itself in modern warfare. Because of the simplified command structure, instructions can be handled faster. With Commander you are able to overview your entire empire! This allows you to develop structures that bring you one step closer to your enemy.

A premium service that you can buy from the Recruit Officers screen when logged in to OGame. It offers some extra features that are not available to normal users. The cost is 10,000 Dark Matter for one week, or 100,000 Dark Matter for three months.

Extra features Edit

  • Adds the use of the Construction Queue.
  • Better message box, stores 50 messages and has the ability to group messages by function (Combat Reports, Espionage Reports, etc.)
  • Address Book for allies are also accessible easily under the message menu.
  • Improved Galaxy view with the ability to send recyclers and probe moons directly from the Galaxy view.
  • No advertisements.
  • Allows the use of Empire view.