Buildings Edit

A feature of commander. Allows up to 5 buildings to be queued. Resources for each building must be available when it reaches the top of the queue, otherwise the queue is cleared.
However, a lot of people experience a bug which causes the buildings in the queue to show huge amounts of time due to the fact that robotic and nanite factories are not taken in to account.
You may add/delete buildings in this queue at any time (mainly because it does not take resources when you add next building to queue)

Ships and Defenses Edit

The queue is the listing of type and quantity of purchased ships and defenses. It is sorted by order bought and built in that order. Left box shows currently built item, building duration of active item (one) and Total time required to complete active build and queue. Right box shows list of queued items already bought and going to be built next in exact order, you cannot cancel this queue.