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The Crawler increases the production of metal, crystal and Deuterium on their planet by 0.02% of each resource, per crawler. Those in collector case get a further production bonus. The maximum total bonus depends on the overall level of your mines.


Uses and Advantages

The crawler presents another opportunity to increase the production of a planet.


Crawlers are easily destroyed and go into debris fields. Any attacking fleet can and will destroy these crawler, which will result in a loss of resources and points.



Metal: 2000
Crystal: 2000
Deuterium: 1000
Energy: 0


Structural integrity: 4000
Shield Power: 1
Weapon Power: 1
Cargo Capacity: 0 Units
Base Speed: 0
Fuel Consumption: 0

Rapid Fire

This ship against others:
Others against this ship:
Light Fighter x 5
Heavy Fighter x 5
Cruiser x 5
Battleship x 5
Battlecruiser x 5
Bomber x 5
Destroyer x 5
Deathstar x 1250
Reaper x 5
Pathfinder x 5
Small Cargo x 5
Large Cargo x 5
Colony Ship x 5
Recycler x 5



    • y = server setting factor (e.g. 8 )
    • 1,5 if class = collector
      • leads to 50% higher production if crawler used by collector class

The amount of Crawlers shown in your resource setting is the working amount, not the total amount. Your working amount of Crawlers is capped by your total mine levels. Only working Crawlers consume energy and produce.

How to calculate the active Crawlers: (Metal Mine level + Crystal Mine level + Deuterium Syn level)*8 Example: (21 +20+19) * 8 = 480 active crawlers - no point to build 481 as only 480 will be used

How to calculate the Crawler bonus for class Discoverer and General: (Metal Mine level + Crystal Mine level + Deuterium Syn level)*8*0.0002

How to calculate the Crawler bonus for class Collector: (Metal Mine level + Crystal Mine level + Deuterium Syn level)*8*0.0002*1.5

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