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The Deathstar is the most advanced ship in the game. Graviton Technology must be researched as a requirement for the Deathstar. It has the highest weapon power, shield strength, and structural integrity in the game. The Deathstar can destroy Moons. It is the most powerful, expensive, and slowest ship in the game. Some consider the Deathstar to be the ultimate achievement in the universe.


Uses and Advantages

Due to their exaggerated hull and shield power, Deathstars are very difficult to destroy in large numbers, with most of the opposing firepower being "spread" (i.e 500 Destroyers vs. 20 Deathstars = average of 25 Destroyers shooting at a single Deathstar, resulting in no real damage per Deathstar).

The large shield strength protects the Deathstar against anything less than a Battleship (the Bouncing Effect). For a Cruiser's attack to penetrate the shields, the Cruiser's weapon level must be at least


in order to penetrate the shields of a Deathstar.

The Deathstar can act as both defense (due to having rapid fire against every ship in the game short of another Deathstar) and anti-defense (due to being heavily armored, shielded, and having rapid fire against every defense except the Plasma Turret and the shield domes).

Also, owing to their reduced speed, they're very useful for long-time fleetsaving.


Despite their power and armor, single Deathstars are actually quite easy to destroy without fodder protection; 60 Destroyers, 150 Battleships, or 35 Plasma Turrets will do the trick. This can be offset somewhat by having more than 1 Deathstar in the attacking fleet. This does not, however, take into account weapon, shield, and armour technology research levels. They are also very expensive to build and research the requirements for it, and it takes approximately over a week to build each on 1x speed universe, unless you have a Nanite Factory. It faster economic speed universes the production time is naturally much faster.

Additionally, the Deathstar is very slow, leaving it vulnerable to Sensor Phalanx hits.

In-game Description

The Deathstar is the most powerful ship ever created. This moon sized ship is the only ship that can be seen with the naked eye on the ground. By the time you spot it, unfortunately, it is too late to do anything. Armed with a gigantic graviton cannon, the most advanced weapons system ever created in the Universe, this massive ship has not only the capability of destroying entire fleets and defences, but also has the capability of destroying entire moons. Only the most advanced empires have the capability to build a ship of this mammoth size.



Metal: 5,000,000
Crystal: 4,000,000
Deuterium: 1,000,000
Energy: 0


Structural integrity: 9,000,000
Shield Power: 50,000
Weapon Power: 200,000
Cargo Capacity: 1,000,000 Units
Base Speed: 100
Fuel Consumption: 1

Rapid Fire

This ship against others:
Espionage Probe x 1250
Solar Satellite x 1250
Small Cargo Ship x 250
Large Cargo Ship x 250
Light Fighter x 200
Heavy Fighter x 100
Cruiser x 33
Battleship x 30
Colony Ship x 250
Recycler x 250
Bomber x 25
Destroyer x 5
Battlecruiser x 15
Pathfinder x 10
Reaper x 30
Crawler x 1250
Rocket Launcher x 200
Light Laser x 200
Heavy Laser x 100
Ion Cannon x 100
Gauss Cannon x 50


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