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The entire dependency tree of all buildings, structures, technologies, ships, and research projects.


Building Required Structure Levels Required Completed Technologies
Metal Mine None None
Crystal Mine None None
Deuterium Synthesizer None None
Solar Plant None None
Fusion Reactor Deuterium Synthesizer (level 5) Energy Technology (level 3)
Robotics Factory None None
Nanite Factory Robotics Factory (level 10) Computer Technology (level 10)
Shipyard Robotics Factory (level 2) None
Metal Storage None None
Crystal Storage None None
Deuterium Tank None None
Research Lab None None
Terraformer Nanite Factory (level 1) Energy Technology (level 12)
Alliance Depot None None
Missile Silo Shipyard (level 1) None


Technology Required Research Lab Level Required Completed Technologies
Espionage Technology Research Lab (level 3) None
Computer Technology Research Lab (level 1) None
Weapons Technology Research Lab (level 4) None
Shielding Technology Research Lab (level 6) Energy Technology (level 3)
Armour Technology Research Lab (level 2) None
Energy Technology Research Lab (level 1) None
Hyperspace Technology Research Lab (level 7) Energy Technology (level 5)
Shielding Technology (level 5)
Combustion Drive Research Lab (level 1) Energy Technology (level 1)
Impulse Drive Research Lab (level 2) Energy Technology (level 1)
Hyperspace Drive Research Lab (level 7) Hyperspace Technology (level 3)
Laser Technology Research Lab (level 1) Energy Technology (level 2)
Ion Technology Research Lab (level 4) Laser Technology (level 5)
Energy Technology (level 4)
Plasma Technology Research Lab (level 4) Energy Technology (level 8)
Laser Technology (level 10)
Ion Technology (level 5)
Intergalactic Research Network Research Lab (level 10) Computer Technology (level 8)
Hyperspace Technology (level 8)
Graviton Technology Research Lab (level 12) None
Astrophysics Research Lab (level 3) Espionage Technology (level 4)
Impulse Drive (level 3)


Ship Required Shipyard Level Required Completed Technologies
Small Cargo Ship Shipyard (level 2) Combustion Drive (level 2)
Large Cargo Ship Shipyard (level 4) Combustion Drive (level 6)
Light Fighter Shipyard (level 1) Combustion Drive (level 1)
Heavy Fighter Shipyard (level 3) Armour Technology (level 2)
Impulse Drive (level 2)
Cruiser Shipyard (level 5) Impulse Drive (level 4)
Ion Technology (level 2)
Battleship Shipyard (level 7) Hyperspace Drive (level 4)
Colony Ship Shipyard (level 4) Impulse Drive (level 3)
Recycler Shipyard (level 4) Combustion Drive (level 6)
Shielding Technology (level 2)
Espionage Probe Shipyard (level 3) Combustion Drive (level 3)
Espionage Technology (level 2)
Bomber Shipyard (level 8) Impulse Drive (level 6)
Plasma Technology (level 5)
Solar Satellite Shipyard (level 1) None
Destroyer Shipyard (level 9) Hyperspace Drive (level 6)
Hyperspace Technology (level 5)
Deathstar Shipyard (level 12) Hyperspace Drive (level 7)
Hyperspace Technology (level 6)
Graviton Technology (level 1)
Battlecruiser Shipyard (level 8) Hyperspace Drive (level 5)
Hyperspace Technology (level 5)
Laser Technology (level 12)


Defence Structures Required Structure Levels Required Completed Technologies
Rocket Launcher Shipyard (level 1) None
Light Laser Shipyard (level 2) Energy Technology (level 1)
Laser Technology (level 3)
Heavy Laser Shipyard (level 4) Energy Technology (level 3)
Laser Technology (level 6)
Gauss Cannon Shipyard (level 6) Energy Technology (level 6)
Weapons Technology (level 3)
Shielding Technology (level 1)
Ion Cannon Shipyard (level 4) Ion Technology (level 4)
Plasma Turret Shipyard (level 8) Plasma Technology (level 7)
Small Shield Dome Shipyard (level 1) Shielding Technology (level 2)
Large Shield Dome Shipyard (level 6) Shielding Technology (level 6)
Anti-ballistic Missiles Shipyard (level 1)
Missile Silo (level 2)
Interplanetary Missiles Shipyard (level 1)
Missile Silo (level 4)
Impulse Drive (level 1)

Moon structures[]

Building Required Lunar Base Level Required Completed Technologies
Lunar Base None None
Sensor Phalanx Lunar Base (level 1) None
Jump Gate Lunar Base (level 1) Hyperspace Technology (level 7)