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True to their name, Destroyers are the largest and most powerful ships in OGame second only to the Deathstar. They are relatively slow, and require a lot of deuterium to move. Destroyers are sometimes used in large numbers in conjunction with Bombers and Battle Ships to crush turtles. Some players use hundreds of Destroyers so they won't be attacked, because they are a powerful force to defend your profitable planets.


Uses and Advantages

Destroyers are used mainly to counter Plasma Turrets and Deathstars. They also works quite well when you have to face a fleet of Battlecruisers and a fodder defense of Light Lasers, due to Rapid Fire.


Fodder will counter Destroyers quite well, but only with the backup of bigger ships behind them. In defenses, Rocket Launcher fodder is effective against Destroyers, where Light Lasers are not, due to Rapid Fire, but this can be countered somewhat by using Cruisers in the attacking fleet. The Destroyer is also expensive both to build and operate, with the second highest Crystal to Metal ratio for a combat ship in the game, and also requiring a fair amount of deuterium per ship on top of its hefty fuel consumption.


The Destroyer is the result of years of work and development. With the development of Deathstars, it was decided that a class of ship was needed to defend against such a massive weapon.Thanks to its improved homing sensors, multi-phalanx Ion cannons, Gauss Cannons and Plasma Turrets, the Destroyer turned out to be one of the most fearsome ships created.

Because the destroyer is very large, its maneuverability is severely limited, which makes it more of a battle station than a fighting ship. The lack of maneuverability is made up for by its sheer firepower, but it also costs significant amounts of deuterium to build and operate.





Structural integrity:110000
Shield Power:500
Weapon Power:2000
Cargo Capacity:2000 Units
Base Speed:5000
Fuel Consumption:1000

Rapid Fire

This ship against others:
Espionage Probe x 5
Solar Satellite x 5
Light Laser x 10
Battlecruiser x 2
Others against this ship:
Deathstar x 5


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