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Deuterium, also known as "deut", is one of the three main resources in the game.

Deuterium (also known as heavy hydrogen, or heavy water) is a hydrogen atom with an additional neutron and is very well suited as fuel for ships because of the high energy yield and easy ignition of the Deuterium-Deuterium and Deuterium-Tritium fusion reactions. Deuterium is found in the deep sea due to its molecular weight.

Upgrading the Deuterium Synthesizer enables deeper sea harvesting of this resource. In game, deuterium has three major applications:

  • Build and research: it is used in the creation of some ship types and facilities, as well as the research of some technologies;
  • Fuel: every ship uses deuterium as its fuel;


The amount of deuterium produced by a Deuterium Synthesizer per hour can be calculated with this formula:

The cost of Deuterium Synthesizer upgrades can be calculated with this formula:

The Energy Consumption of Deuterium Synthesizer can be calculated with this formula:

Colder planets produce deuterium at a faster rate than warmer planets.

Its "value" in most universes is about 3 times that of metal and 1.5 times that of crystal.

Deuterium costs do not affect the build time of buildings, ships, defenses or research time.

Deuterium output is somewhat lower than a Metal or Crystal output at a similar mine level. Deuterium is fairly useless for the making of basic resource buildings, but is used as fuel and in the construction of the Fusion Reactor, most Facilities such as the Nanite Factory, Sensor Phalanx and Terraformer, some Ships like the Destroyer, Battlecruiser and Deathstar and is unmissable for most research programs.


  • Some alliances specialize in trading deuterium. Trading Deuterium may become very beneficial to a player because they will usually profit from the trade. When Fleeters profit from a crashing another fleet (after rebuilding lost ships, upgrading buildings, new research, or further ship production) they are likely to buy more Deuterium from traders to fuel their next attack.  Hence, there will always be a demand for Deuterium.
  • Some players will force a player to trade deuterium with military action.

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