A Fleetcrash is an attack that is specifically designed to destroy the fleet orbiting a planet or moon in order to collect the resulting resources using a subsequent harvesting mission.

When ships are destroyed, 30% of the resources (metal and crystal only) used in building the ships float in space as debris fields. Recyclers are used to collect these resources from the debris fields.

Fleetcrashing can be done in one of two ways:

  • by destroying a standing fleet that a player hasn't fleetsaved , or
  • by using a Sensor Phalanx to destroy the incoming fleet right after a fleet returns from a fleetsave.


  • Before you fleetcrash send an espionage probe to attack.
  • Send your recyclers to the resulting debris field.
  • Send your fleet to attack and time it to arrive just before the recyclers get to the field. That way you don't have to wait hours after the fleetcrash for the recyclers to reach the debris field.
  • Using the Sensor Phalanx, time the attack to arrive within a few seconds, that way it will be impossible for the fleet to leave again in time.
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