Gameforge is a German video game development and publisher, specialising in browser-based multiplayer games. The company was established in Karlsruhe, Germany in December 2003 by Klaas Kersting and Alexander Roesner.

Gameforge's catalog includes several free-to-play web browser based games, including Ikariam (a civilization-building strategy game set in Ancinet Greece), Kingsage (a game similar to Ikariam), Gladiatus (a Web-Based MMORPG set in the gladiator days of Ancient Rome), Katsuro (a Web-Based MMORPG set in the Samurai days of a fictional Feudal Japan like land of Katsuro), OGame (a text-based space warfare game), and Bitefight (a MMORPG pitting vampires against werewolves). Gameforge also published several PC titles such as The Saga of Ryzom, a MMORPG which the company acquired when its took over the French game studio Nevrax. Ryzom has since changed hands again to another company.

In December 2008, the company was named as one of 34 Technology Pioneers for 2009 by the World Economic Forum for technological innovations that impact business and society.

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