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The Gauss Cannon is a good defense against enemy ships. It is often compared to the Plasma Turret as an attractive endgame defense. It has more shield power per resource, and comparable weapon power. It deals noticeably less damage per round to powerful capital ships, but is more effective than Plasma Turrets at taking out fodder, because you can build more of them. Early on, it is extremely effective at scaring away fleets made mostly of Heavy Fighters, because it can destroy a Heavy Fighter in one hit. One or two Gauss Cannons with a large amount of fodder will generally prevent any number of Cruiser-based fleets from attacking. Later on, Gauss Cannons become less attractive, as Deathstars have rapid fire against them, whereas nothing has rapid fire against Plasma Turrets (except Bombers). The Gauss Cannon is capable of bypassing the Shields and the Hull of both small and large cargos and fighters, destroying them with a single shot. This means a large amount of Gauss cannons are capable of wiping away a large amount of fodder.


Cost Metal: 20.000
Crystal: 15.000
Deuterium: 2.000
Structural Integrity: 35.000
Shield Power: 200
Weapon Power: 1.100
Rapid Fire Deathstar 50


Far from being a science-fiction "weapon of tomorrow," the concept of a weapon using an electromagnetic impulse for propulsion originated as far back as the mid-to-late 1930s. Basically, the Gauss Cannon consists of a system of powerful electromagnets which fires a projectile by accelerating between a number of metal rails. Gauss Cannons fire high-density metal projectiles at extremely high velocity.

This weapon is so powerful when fired that it creates a sonic boom which is heard for miles, and the crew near the weapon must take special precautions due to the massive concussion effects generated.


Per-resource efficiently. The more the better! Shield and Weapon power are found by dividing the value by resource value. Structural Integrity does that, then divides by 100 for a more even average.

Metal Crystal Deuterium
Structural Integrity 0.023 0.0175 0.175
Shield Power 0.01 0.013 0.1
Weapon Power 0.055 0.073 0.55
Average 0.0293 0.0345 0.275

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