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Top Frame[]

At the top portion of the screen there will be a picture of the planet you currently have selected, next to that is a drop down menu showing the name and coordinates of the planet. This field allows you to change your selection to another colonized planet. The order of the planets can be changed in the Options.

To the right, there are fields showing the amount of resources available on your current planet. The first three, Metal, Crystal, and Deuterium show the current amount available to spend. The last one shows the amount of Energy available and total. Additional resources such as Dark Matter can be found through Expeditions or can be purchased through Ogame via PayPal, Credit Card, Phone Call, SMS, and Moneybookers.

The top frame is viewable in almost all view screens. It is not available in the Empire View, or the Galaxy View.


The Menu is the sidebar on the left side of the browser screen. It contains these options:

  • Overview - Presents a screen showing Server Time, timers for Fleet arrivals, a list of planets, geographic information on your currently selected planet, your Score and Universe Rank.
  • Empire View - Provides detailed overview of all planets in your empire.
  • Buildings - Allows you to construct/improve buildings, and shows what level of each you already own.
  • Resources - Details income per hour for your current planet, and controls building production levels.
  • Merchant - Allows you to trade either Metal, Crystal, or Deuterium for an amount of the other two, depending on how much you have.
  • Research - Shows levels researched, and allow you to research further levels.
  • Shipyard - Shows Ships available for use and allows you to build ships.
  • Fleet - Shows Fleet in use/available and allows launching additional fleets.
  • Technology - Shows what is needed for various Buildings/Technologies/Ships/Defense.
  • Galaxy - Provides a view of the Solar System.
  • Defense - Allows you to build defensive units, and shows units built.
  • Alliances - Brings you to your own Alliance screen.
  • Forum - Opens the forum screen in a new window.
  • Statistics - Shows ranks of players and alliances.
  • Search - Search for alliances of players
  • Help - brings up a basic help screen.
  • Messages - Shows messages you've received regarding fleet activities, and from other players.
  • Notes - Opens new screen to store notes.
  • Buddylist - Shows list of your buddies.
  • Options - Change ogame options here.
  • Logout - Signs out of ogame.
  • Imprint - Opens a new instance of ogame in a new window.


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