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Interplanetary Missile.jpg

Cost Metal: 12 500
Crystal: 2 500
Deuterium: 10 000
Structural Integrity: 15 000
Shield Power: 1
Weapon Power: 12 000

Interplanetary missiles (IPMs) are launched from the Galaxy Screen and are designed to destroy enemy defense. Defense destroyed by Interplanetary missiles will not be rebuilt automatically. In an IPM attack, only the missile's Weapon Technology and the defense's hull plating are used for calculation, as IPMs penetrate shields, including Small and Large Shield Domes. Before an IPM can hit the defense itself, all Anti-ballistic Missiles must be destroyed. Each ABM destroys one IPM.

The range (in number of systems) of an IPM is determined by the Impulse Drive level

Note: Before Ogame version 0.78c the range was determined by the formula:

$ Range = (5 x Impulse Drive level) - 1 $

For example, an Impulse Drive level of 5 would give a (5*5 - 1) = 24 system range, meaning that from 1:50 you could hit up to 1:26 and 1:74.

IPMs take (30 + 60*(systems)) / universe_speed seconds to travel. This means on a normal speed universe a same-system flight will take 30 seconds, and a missile sent from 1:100:5 to 1:110:5 will take 10 minutes and 30 seconds (30 + 60*(110-100) = 630 seconds). They do not use a fleet slot during travel time.

In the redesign, missiles are no longer tracked on the Sensor Phalanx. However, they do create activity on the target planet upon hitting, and the defender receives a report in his messages.

The most common tool used for IPM simulations is RakSim (website down). SpeedSim also has an IP-mode to simulate IPMs.

You can store 5 Interplanetary Missiles for every Missile Silo Level on your planet.

IPMs can be tracked. When they are either countered by anti-ballistic missiles, or they hit their targets, a message will appear in your inbox, stating where the missile came from (coordinates and the player name) and how many were blocked, or how many hit the planet.

Note that Interplanetary Missiles could not be used to destroy the defense on a moon prior to ogame version 0.78a.

IPMs can be used to destroy other IPMs on a target planet. However, IPMs on the defending planet are not directly targetable, so all other defenses must be destroyed first. Even with armor/weapons, research 1 IPM destroys 8 IPMs.

In OGame 0.78a, IPMs can be used to destroy defenses on a moon and ABMs from the planet will defend the moon in those cases.

You can deconstruct both Interplanetary Missiles and Anti-ballistic Missiles.



Interplanetary Missiles (IPM) are your offensive weapon to destroy the defenses of your target. Using state of the art tracking technology, each missile targets a certain number of defenses for destruction. Tipped with an anti-matter bomb, they deliver a destructive force so severe that destroyed shields and defenses cannot be repaired. The only way to counter these missiles is with ABMs.

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