Base Cost
Metal: 2.000.000
Crystal: 4.000.000
Deuterium: 2.000.000
Energy: 0
Jump Gate

Jump Gates can only be built on Moons. If you have more than one moon and a Jump Gate on each you can transport your entire fleet, but no resources, instantly from one to the other without using deuterium. Constructing/owning only a single jump gate has no benefit, since a source and destination jump gate are required to operate.

There is a sixty minute recharge time in between jumps, i.e. you could only send fleets once every sixty minutes. This cool down / recharge time is only needed for the two jump gates that were used.

Jump Gates become more useful late game for use with RIP's. With a base speed of 100, RIP's would take hours to move between systems, let alone galaxies. Jump Gates shorten this time considerably due to the instant transfer. The only downside is that they cannot transfer resources through the gate.

How To Use Edit


Sample jump gate dialog

Once you have at least two moons with jump gates, select the moon that has the ships you wish to send and click the "facilities" button. Choose the ships you'd like to send, then the destination jumpgate from the dropdown at the top-right.Click "send" and your ships should be at their destination.

But remember you can't take resources with you, so if your fleet is transported make sure you have some deuterium on your destination.

In the Redesigned universes, once you have two moons with jump gates, select the moon that has the ships you wish to send and click the "facilities" button. In the image that shows the buildings on your moon, there should be a small button that says "jump gate". Clicking this allows you to select the ships that you wish to jump to another moon selected from the drop down list.

Jimlig01 (talk) 21:32, December 19, 2013 (UTC)

How to use the Jump Gate:

1.) Select the Moon you are moving ships FROM
2.) Select FACILITIES from the left side menu
3.) Select the JUMP GATE option from the lower right cornor of the FACILITIES - [name of moon] picture.
4.) You will have a pop-up window with options to select ships.

Requirements Edit

Buildings in OGame

Metal MineMetal StorageShielded Metal DenCrystal MineCrystal StorageUnderground Crystal DenDeuterium SynthesizerDeuterium TankSeabed Deuterium DenFusion ReactorSolar PlantSolar Satellite (ship)


Alliance DepotJump GateLunar BaseMissile SiloNanite FactoryResearch LabRobotics FactorySensor PhalanxShipyardTerraformer


  • The Jump Gate has the highest base cost for all buildings in the Ogame universe.
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