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OGame is a classic real-time strategy MMO developed by Gameforge.
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Build, Attack, Defend, Explore, or Research. Develop your space empire in the way you want, with the play style you want. Patience and planning are rewarded with a strong and flexible account that can be played on and off for years.

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Featured content

  • Quick Start Guide - Get an idea as a first time player on what to build and some general tips.
  • Tools - Useful tools you may find helpful as you play.
  • Fleetsaving - Learn what is probably the most important skill in OGame.
  • Strategy - To get you started right and finding success in the game.
  • Dependency Tree - of all buildings, structures, technologies, ships, and research.

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Welcome to the OGame Wiki. It is an unofficial collaborative encyclopedia about OGame. Its purpose is to make it easy for OGame players to find the information they need to understand and succeed in the game.

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