The ninja is a tactic for ambushing an attacking fleet by concealing one's true defensive strength. The defender keeps most or all of his/her fleet near, but not at, the likely target of attack. Ordering it to arrive at the planet under attack just before the attacker's fleet. Ideally, just a few seconds before, so the attacker doesn't have a chance to recall the attacking fleet.

Detecting or Noticing Potential Ninjas Edit

Some players intentionally attempt to lure attackers in an attempt to get a Moon. A lot of the time these defenders have a large group of Solar Satellites that propose a reward to the attacker of a lot of crystal to be harvested. To deter any suspicion, players will station a very small but formidable fleet (ex: one Deathstar) at the planet. Since the Deathstar is the best ship in the game, and hence the hardest to beat, the attacker will send a large fleet. The defender will then order his actual fleet to arrive at the planet under attack, ideally just a few seconds before the attacking fleet arrives. Once everything is said and done, the defender has a Moon, or at the very least a huge debris field that they can harvest themselves.

So to avoid Ninjas, here are some tips:

- if at all possible, Phalanx your opponent's planets to detect any fleets stationed nearby

- if you can't Phalanx anybody (you don't have a moon), send Espionage Probes at the planets. This is a worse method because of the chance of being counter-espionaged (your probes get destroyed).

- don't attack a planet that has a whole bunch of Solar Satellites and has a Deathstar. Players going for Graviton Technology will have a lot of satellites, but no Deathstar.

- send a strong fleet, and send strong fleets in "waves"

How to Ninja Someone Edit

To ninja someone, you need to have a colony nearby. If you are in an ACS universe, use an alliance member's nearby planet. Then wait (or provoke) somebody into attacking your planet (NOT the one that you have your fleet stationed at). Then time the arrival time of the attacker, and send your fleet to arrive, hopefully, seconds before the attacking fleet arrives.

To lure attackers, here are some tips:

- have a lot of resources just sitting on your planet (be a "farm")

- have a lot of Solar Satellites

- have few defenses (not really the smartest strategy though)

- station a small fleet at the attacked planet (ex: one Deathstar or a handful of Destroyers)

-trolling/luring the target using socialengineering multiple cross friends mostly in multiple alliances.