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OGame is a Massively Multiplayer Online Browser Game created by Gameforge.



In OGame there are three different Resources: Metal, Crystal, and Deuterium. These resources are used for buildings, ships, research, and defensive installations.

Metal and crystal are both mined, while deuterium is synthesized

Energy is used to power mines and the synthesizer, if power goes below 0 (there is too much at work while not enough power is made), then production is pulled back to keep all facilities working. Power can be created from the Solar plant, Fusion reactor, or solar satellites. Unlike the basic resources, power is constant, so it does not gather hourly, but stays still.

Dark Matter is currency almost limited to buyers with real-life currency, as it can only be bought from Gameforge or gathered (in minuscule amounts too little to do much) from Expedition Missions. Dark matter allows a player to employ the services of Officers or to make himself the Commander of his empire, with easier-to-access controls and viewing options.


The option to build is found at the "Buildings" tab on your game menu

Buildings in OGame are in contrast with some other MMOGs as there are only one of each building that must be upgraded to achieve higher results. Upgrading production and energy buildings increase their output, while upgrading labs, shipyard nad robotics/nanite factories reduce their respective research or construction tasks.

Upgrading a missile silo increases its missile capacity and unlocks the missile groups, it currently has no effect on missile production speed.

Most buildings prices double when building, with the exception of mines and power plants, which have a special multiplier.


The option to research is found at the "Research" tab on your game menu

Researching various fields of science allows for better buildings, ships and defensive structures to be built. Research must be done for the production of Solar Satellites to the fearsome Death Star.

The costs of research usually doubles each level, with the exception of Graviton Technology, which costs 300,000 energy and is not useful over level 1.

Research time is reduced with each upgrade of the Research Lab, or reduced dramatically with the Intergalactic Research Network researched.


Ships are the main component of OGame, as they allow for Player interactions from Trading to Raiding, and eventually, Attacking.


OGame won the bronze Superbrowsergame Award in 2006.