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Planets are the base of your empire. You start the game with one (your homeplanet), and can later colonize more of them (colonies).

Mines and other structures are built on your planets.

You build and station your fleet on them and you attack (also called raid) the planets of other players. Combat happens on the planets (there are no fights on space).

The size of the planets is measured in fields. The number of fields on a planet depends primarily of its slot on the Solar System.

Planets other than the initial "home" planet can be destroyed at any time by the planets' owners. A player might do this if that planet doesn't contain a sufficient number of fields to properly develop it (around 200 fields is usually considered optimum). Also, sometimes colonies are established for specific purposes, and later destroyed to be relocated elsewhere. Lastly, before the version 1.0 redesign, there was a strict cap of 9 planets per player, so if an established player needed another one, he had to destroy one of the previous ones.

Under certain conditions, a moon may be added to a planet. If a planet is destroyed by its owner, the moon is also lost.

There are 70 different planet skins: 10 for each type. A planet skin always has the same moon skin.

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