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Cost Metal: 50,000
Crystal: 50,000
Deuterium: 30,000
Structural Integrity: 100,000
Shield Power: 300
Weapon Power: 3,000

The Plasma Turret is the most powerful defense in the game. It is fairly expensive, but well worth its price. Bomber is the only ship with rapid fire against the Plasma Turret. Plasma Turrets are also useful for being able to destroy the widely used Battleships in two hits, deterring attacks from fleets containing them. It takes 37 of them to destroy one Deathstar, but it would take proportionally more Gauss Cannons, because each time the Gauss fires it has to go through the Death Star's shields again, while Plasma fire is more concentrated in fewer turrets. Therefore, mass numbers of Plasma Turrets are really the only effective defense against Death Stars. It should never stand alone in a defense system, but should be backed up with other smaller defenses. The Plasma Turret is capable of bypassing the Shields and the Hull of any ship equal to or smaller than a Cruiser, destroying them with a single shot. This means large quantities of Plasma Turrets are capable of wiping away a large amount of Cruisers, discouraging the use of these ships to rapid-fire your missile launchers. It overkills so they are better when accompanied by Gauss Cannons (kills enemy fodder) and fodder (takes damage).



One of the most advanced defense weapons systems ever developed, the Plasma Turret uses a large nuclear reactor fuel cell to power an electromagnetic accelerator that fires a pulse, or toroid, of plasma. During operation, the Plasma turret first locks in on a target and begins the process of firing. A plasma sphere is created in the turrets core by super heating and compressing gases, stripping them of their electrons to form ions. Once the gas is superheated, compressed, and a plasma sphere is created, it is then loaded into the electromagnetic accelerator which is then energized. Once fully energized, the accelerator is then activated, which results in the plasma sphere being launched at an extremely high rate of speed to the intended target. From your targets perspective, the approaching bluish ball of plasma is impressive, but once it strikes, it causes instant destruction.


Per-resource efficiency. The more the better! Shield and Weapon power are found by dividing the value by resource value. Structural Integrity does that, then divides by 100 for a more even average.

Metal Crystal Deuterium
Structural Integrity 0.02 0.02 0.033
Shield Power 0.006 0.006 0.01
Weapon Power 0.06 0.06 0.1
Average 0.0287 0.0287 0.048
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