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As OGame is flexible, there are a variety of play styles. Over time, a few "main" styles have developed. However, may others are possible too and often players combine elements of various styles in a hybrid approach.

Main play styles[]

  • A Miner focuses on the development of game elements that bring additional income. These are mainly mines, new planets, crawlers, and plasma technology. A miner usually follows a mathematical approach to the game, building items based on efficiency in gaining additional income. This play style lends itself to not needing much time.
  • The Fleeter builds large fleets and focuses on the goal of making fleetcrashes. Income is gained through collecting the debris field of the smashed fleets. This play style is often considered the ultimate style and can bring acclaim in the forums when combat reports are posted. It requires a substantial time investment if a fleeter wishes to be successful or make a profit.

Fleeters often get their start as miners to build strong accounts that they can fall back on in the case of a fleetcrash, or have steady income.


  • A Turtle devotes significant resources to the building of defensive structures. A turtle with an old account and high-level mines may even spend all of his or her resources on defense, with the goal of making an impregnable fortress, or "turtle shell".
  • A Prat is a fleeter who stays in vacation mode much of the time. These players exit vacation mode only for short times to try to make fleetcrashes on other players. As this play style limits resource income and construction, it is really only used by those with old and highly developed accounts. By sacrificing income and building ability the prat gains safety during his or her time in vacation mode and limits the time investment needed for the game.
  • The Explorer play style developed only after the introduction of version 7. A player of this style focuses on sending waves and waves of expeditions, hoping to gain massive resources and debris fields. This style requires the Discoverer class. A dedicated player of this style will even avoid researching combat technologies in order to win more battles with aliens and pirates. (Due to the expedition system calculation, a player with low combat technology will usually win such battles). Such a player will gain points and ranks faster than with any other play style in the game. However, it is frowned upon by long time players as shunning the classic player vs player style the game was built on.

Raiding and other hybrid styles[]

Most players are not a "pure" player in a certain style.

  • Regardless of the chosen style most engage in Raiding inactives and poorly defended players. A miner will use the income from raids to further his or her agenda of building works. A fleeter will use this income to build more fleet, and so forth.
  • Many players (especially Discoverer class) engage in expeditions regularly even if they are not their main focus in the game. Their accounts may not be purpose built for it but can still gain steady income.
  • Some miners develop small fleets in addition to their mines, to allow them a mix of both main play styles.


Some players fine more niche ways, such as focusing on trading, using the marketplace, helping other players grow, or the social aspects of the game. This highlights the variety of possibilities. In the end each player must focus on his or her own choices of play based on what makes the game more enjoyable.

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