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There are 4 types of points:

  1. Scores: Points are received through spending resources. For every 1000 resources spent,1 point is earned. If a building, ship, or defense structure is lost, the points previously given for building those objects are lost as well.
  2. Fleet number: For each ship built, 1 fleet point is given. Regardless of the ship, only 1 point is given per ship. For example, Espionage Probes and Death Stars both give 1 point.
  3. Research level: For each research or research upgrade completed, 1 research point is given, regardless of the actual research.
  4. Economy : The higher your mines are the better/ more economy points you have

Examining the different types of points with respect to espionage reports may offer valuable insight into the strength of a player.

Resources spent on Fuel, navigating through the galaxy view, or using a Sensor Phalanx are not counted towards score points.

Points are calculated after a building, research, defense, or ship is completed. In other words, a research or building in progress will not receive points until after it is completed.

As of version 0.78c, points are updated live.

Points can be lost by:

- Crashing fleet such as losing espionage probes

- Deleting a colony, all the defenses and points gained from resources spent on buildings in that colony are lost

- Deconstructing buildings

- When a colony ship arrives at a planet and build a new settlement, the colony ship is destroyed and so are the points gained from that ship.

As of version 3, a system of honor points has been implemented.