Position is the planet's distance relative to the sun, from one to fifteen. In general, positions one to three and twelve to fifteen have the smallest number of fields. Position is occasionally abbreviated as "pos", and also known as "slot" or "planet slot".

The closer the planet is to the sun (ie lower numerical value), the more energy solar satellites will generate at that planet.

Also, the further away from the sun the more deuterium is produced per level of mine.

Planet types for Old UniversesEdit

Note: All Old Universes have been changed to Redesigned ones.

There are different planet names for each type of planet.



Gas Giants





Planet types for Redesigned UniversesEdit

Planet types for New (Redesigned) Universes The planet types are the same as in the old universes; however, the type is distributed in a less organized fashion. Since planet type affects deuterium production as noted, this means that you could have a high producing planet in a low slot, and a low producing in a high slot, which is contrary to the guaranteed organization of the old universe. Fortunately, the pattern is predictable, so it is possible to pick the desired planet type when colonizing.

The types in redesign, along with possible slots, are:

  • Desert - Slots 1-3
  • Dry - Slots 1-5
  • Normal - Slots 4-7, 14-15
  • Jungle - Slots 6-9
  • Water - Slots 8-11
  • Ice - Slots 10-13
  • Gas - Slots 12-15

Type Distribution Edit

Slot Odd-Numbered
1 dry desert
2 dry desert
3 dry desert
4 normal dry
5 normal dry
6 Jungle Normal
7 Jungle Normal
8 Water Jungle
9 Water Jungle
10 Ice Water
11 Ice Water
12 Gas Ice
13 Gas Ice
14 Normal Gas
15 Normal Gas

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