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Recyclers are used to harvest resources from debris fields which are created whenever combat resulting in the destruction of ships occurs at a planet.

The mechanics, benefits, and risks of harvesting are dealt with in the description of the harvest mission.


Uses and Advantages

This is the only ship that can get at those Debris Fields that orbit the planet after any battle where ships were destroyed. When you start out, you can use recyclers as an alternative to attacking other planets and although quite slow, it is completely risk free save the fuel costs. Impulse engines are added when Impulse Drive level 17 is reached. Hyperspace engines are added when Hyperspace Drive level 15 is reached. The base speed remains the same with the various engines. (As of OGame 8.3.0 This is not actually true hyperspace 15 actually boosts the base speed to 6000 in addition to the 30% per level boost of the hyperspace engine) Recycler fuel use starts at 300; increases to 600 with impulse drive and to 900 with hyperspace drive.


When you are defending: Dispatch your recycling fleet to the local debris field just before the attacking fleet arrives. This will save your recyclers and lower the time it takes to harvest the resources.

When you are attacking: Dispatch your recyclers so that they arrive just after your main attacking fleet. This can help you recoup any losses or gain the debris of enemy ships.

Although it may be slow, recyclers may act as a cargo ship in a successful raid. This is only recommended if you do not have any large cargo ships available.


Slow, useless in combat, and rather expensive. However, it can recoup its cost by filling its cargo hold just once at a Debris Field.



Metal: 10000
Crystal: 6000
Deuterium: 2000
Energy: 0


Structural integrity: 16000
Shield Power: 10
Weapon Power: 1
Cargo Capacity: 20000 Units
Base Speed: 2000
Fuel Consumption: 300

Rapid Fire

This ship against others:
Espionage Probe x 5
Solar Satellite x 5
Crawler x 5
Others against this ship:
Death Star x 250


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