In the Resources screen you can view and adjust the output of a planet's resource generators (Metal Mine, Crystal Mine and Deuterium Synthesizer) and its energy generators (Solar Plant, Fusion Reactor and Solar Satellites). Basic Income is also shown, but not changeable.

The screen shows a table giving the output (green) or consumption (red) of each resource for each building.

The output of each can be varied in 10% steps from 0% to 100% using the drop-down selectors in the right hand column of the table. This can be used to balance the energy production and requirements of your buildings if the Production Factor is less than 1.


This Button recalculates resource production and consumption. Applies any changes made to production levels and updates these after you upgrade your mines. Also it calculates the effective energy given by Solar Satellites. It must be selected or changes to the output sliders will not be saved.

NOTE: After leaving Vacation Mode all of the mine and energy sliders are set to zero and must be manually reset to 100% to return to full production.

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