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Rocket Launcher.jpg

Cost Metal: 2000
Crystal: 0
Deuterium: 0
Structural Integrity: 2000
Shield Power: 20
Weapon Power: 80
Rapid Fire from Cruiser 10
Bomber 20
Death Star 200

The Rocket Launcher is the first and weakest defense you can build. They are used as fodder later in the game to protect the bigger defences (Plasma Turrets, Gauss Cannons, etc.). They are not built as much in the early game, because Cruisers have rapid fire against them. They are built more later on, when Destroyers come into play.

Players tend to have more Rocket Launchers than Light Lasers as fodder, because they are cheaper, due to the fact that crystal is more valuable than metal, and because the more crystal you spend on Light Lasers, the less you have for Gauss and Plasma cannons.


Shipyard - Level 1


The rocket launcher is a simple, cost-effective defensive option. It is simply a development of common ballistic firearms and requires no further research. Its limited manufacturing costs justify its use against smaller fleets, however it loses significance over the course of time. Later it is used only as a backstop behind larger cannons.


Per-resource efficiently. The more the better! Shield and Weapon power are found by dividing the value by resource value. Structural Integrity does that, then divides by 100 for a more even average.

Metal Crystal Deuterium
Structural Integrity 0.01 X X
Shield Power 0.01 X X
Weapon Power 0.04 X X
Average 0.02 X X

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