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Small Shield Dome.jpg
Cost Metal: 10 000
Crystal: 10 000
Deuterium: 0
Structural Integrity: 20 000
Shield Power: 2 000
Weapon Power: 1

The Small Shield Dome is a defensive structure with high Shield Power to use as fodder and give a higher chance of a draw. Only one small and one large shield dome can exist on each planet. Despite their description, and being called a "dome", domes do not offer any sort of overarching defensive ability. They act as a single unit of fodder. This greatly limits their usefulness, even if they do have a much better Shield Power-to-cost ratio than any other defense. Some players never even bother to build the one Small Shield Dome they are allowed, instead choosing to save the resources towards getting a Plasma Turret. Although, it may be worth while for players earlier on in the game to use this, as the player may not have the research or shipyard levels necessary to build the plasma turret. The shield increases the chance of draws occurring if the attacker uses a small attack force, such as light fighters.

Also, no ship has rapid-fire against a small shield dome. If a planet is frequently attacked by rapid-fire-heavy fleets (deathstars or bombers), the presence of a pair of shield domes serves as a "block" against rapid-fire during that combat round. By the point in the game where rapid-fire becomes an issue, the 10,000 metal and crystal cost will be trivial.

Due to the 'bounce effect', a Small Dome is invulnerable to the fire of cargos, making it a perfect defense to prevent a planet from being easily farmed. Just remember a small escort of light fighters may destroy the dome.


In-Game Description[]

Long before shield generators became integrated and portable, there were big old generators on the surface of planets. Those were able to span a huge shielding dome around the surface of the entire planet capable of absorbing huge amounts of energy when fired upon. Every now and then a smaller combat convoy is turned down by these shield domes. Using more advanced shield technology, these domes can be further increased, so their ability to absorb energy is even bigger. Only one of each shield domes can be built on a planet of course.

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