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The secondary division of the universe. Each galaxy contains 499 systems. The second number in any set of coordinates denotes the system in which the planet is located. When you use galaxy view you view one system at a time.

Each system consists of 15 Planets, which may or may not be colonised, and an Outer Space slot.

The look of a system and its planets repeats every 40 systems. E.g. Planet 2:40:8 looks like planet 2:80:8 and planet 2:80:2 looks like planet 2:120:2. But this is not the same on 2:180:2 because it resets itself. 

Solar systems become progressively further apart within a galaxy. System 2:12 is closer to 2:1 than 2:45, for instance. And the further apart, the longer a fleet takes to travel from one location to another. However, in a circular universe, the galaxies are circular as well. This means that the last system is as close to the first as the second is. For example, 2:499 is as close to 2:1 as 2:2 is, and so forth.