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  • Quick Start Guide - Get an idea as a first time player on what to build and gives some general hints and tips.
  • Alliances - Don't do it alone.
  • Buildings - Detailed analysis of building structures with costs & times.
  • Classes - New Play styles integrated with the MCO
  • Commander - Get more from the OGame interface.
  • Defenses - Protect yourself with these defensive strategies!
  • Fleets - Ship movements and missions.
  • The Ogame Forums - Share your OGame experience with others.
  • The Galaxy - What is an OGame galaxy?
  • Interface - Learn how to operate OGame in your browser.
  • Messages - Communication types in OGame.
  • Officers - A little helping hand.
  • Research - Detailed analysis of research types, technology, and uses.
  • Resources - Raw material types and usage.
  • Ships - Analysis of OGame ship types including strategic benefits of each.
  • Dependency Tree - The entire dependy tree of all buildings, structures, technologies, ships, and research projects.
  • Tools - Useful tools you may find helpful as you play OGame.
  • The Universe - What is an OGame universe?
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