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Biggest content update in history!

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Enjoy the largest content update in the history of OGame now!

  • 3 new unique player classes
    • The "Collector" to improve the production of your empire!
    • The "Discoverer" to explore outer space!
    • The "General" to hit your enemies full power!
  • Three new ships
    • The "Crawler" to increase your resource production!
    • The "Pathfinder" to improve your findings on expeditions to outer space!
    • The "Reaper" as the most lethal weapon in the game!
  • A new marketplace
    • Trading ships, resources & premium items can not be any easier!

Explore the new content & start your engines now! Your OGame - Team

Oct 14th 2019 - Changelog version 7.0.0 - Board US / EN

Nov 25th 2019 - Changelog version 7.1 - Board US / EN

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