Base Cost
Metal: 0
Crystal: 50,000
Deuterium: 100,000
Energy: 1,000

The Terraformer is a building that increases the fields on your planet so that you can build more structures when your planet is full. For each level of terraformer, you get 5 additional empty fields to use and an extra one every even level, one of which is taken up by the terraformer. Note that defense structures, such as Rocket Launchers, do not take up any space on your planet. The largest planets can be found on slots 7, 8, and 9. They are only needed late into the game.

Terraformer levels require progressively more and more energy to build; however, as with Graviton Technology, you do not need the energy available, you only need to be capable of producing that much energy to start the building. Once you've started building a certain level, the build will complete even if your Solar Satellites are destroyed. Thus, you can let them be destroyed by an ally to reclaim the resources from their debris field.

Since the energy requirements for high Terraformer levels are just matched by the Graviton Technology ones, you can establish a synergy here: once you've managed to complete the Graviton Technology research, if you can keep your solar satellites safe (with enough defenses, for example) for the required time, you can use the energy to build your Terraformer to level 9. Arguably you will never need to build those huge amounts of solar satellites again.

Once built, a Terraformer can never be deconstructed and is the only structure that does not require metal to build.

The number of extra fields is:

$ \text{Extra Fields} = \lfloor 5.5 \cdot \text{(Level of Terraformer)} \rfloor $

Requirements Edit

Cost / Level Edit

Level Cost Extra
Crystal Deuterium Energy
1 50,000 100,000 1,000 5 1 4
2 100,000 200,000 2,000 11 2 9
3 200,000 400,000 4,000 16 3 13
4 400,000 800,000 8,000 22 4 18
5 800,000 1,600,000 16,000 27 5 22
6 1,600,000 3,200,000 32,000 33 6 27
7 3,200,000 6,400,000 64,000 38 7 31
8 6,400,000 12,800,000 128,000 44 8 36
9 12,800,000 25,600,000 256,000 49 9 40
10 25,600,000 51,200,000 512,000 55 10 45

The Terraformer takes up 1 field each level when built. It gives 4 usable fields every odd level and 5 every even level, landing you 45 extra fields for a level 10 Terraformer.

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