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  • Remember to fleet save! This is the process of sending your fleet out for an extended period of time. Experienced players will send a massive amount of ships to harvest the debris field.
  • Defense is important! However its useless without having AntiBallistic Missiles. Any player will be able to destroy a defense without ABMs by launching a few Interplanetary Missiles at the defender.
  • Check your account daily: Though this may seem like a no-brainer many people only check the ogame 2 times a week. To be truly successful you must be willing to put time into your account!
  • Learn to use the various Tools and Simulators: These make playing easier and more comfortable, which also allowing you to make faster progress.
  • Resource Hiding: See its page for more info.
  • Be Balanced: Ogame is about balance. Whether you are a fleeter, miner or a turtle, it is best to have a balanced gameplay style. Defenses can protect a miner's resources, mines can help you build more ships, and fleets can sometimes work more efficiently than defenses.

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