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A variety of tools and websites exist to help players. These have been developed by the community of players. Use of them can aid planning, improve usability of the game, or track statistics.

  • Battle simulators can be used to forecast the outcome of a battle or missile launch.
  • Calculators can be used to find the cost of certain activities or upgrades, or plan out how to achieve a goal.
  • Stat and Research sites provide useful information about a universe and the players in it.
  • Add-ons are extensions that improve the usability of the game. You can only use add-ons that have been approved by Gameforge or you may be banned from the game. (See rules)

This page lists a variety of available tools, but is by no means an exhaustive list. Experienced players or alliances often have their own personal spreadsheet based calculators or tracking systems. Joining a long-standing alliance in an older universe is often a way to discover additional tools developed by that alliance or not widely known.

Battle simulators[]

See simulators for the list of known battle and missile launch tools.


ProxyForGame (Suite of Calculators)[]

An up to date suite of calculators for various situations. You can calculate trades, costs of building, research, fleets, defense, production, or Graviton Technology. It also can calculate terraformer costs and potential, flight times, moon creation or destruction, and a few other scenarios.

O-tools (Suite of Calculators)[]

An up to date suite of calculators for various situations. You can calculate costs of building, research, fleets, as well as flight durations, interplanetary missile range or phalanx range, along with numerous other details. It also can calculate production amounts, show fleet properties, and help calculate moon destruction.

OGame Expeditions Calculator 7.1 (Expedition Calculator)[]

An up to date calculator for expeditions, using the new formulas in OGame 7. Enter the universe settings and information, your class, and the fleet you plan to send. The calculator will show the possible maximum positive finds. This allows you to plan what you should send to allow for maximum find. Of course, most of the time you will get less than the maximum.

JimmyWest Calculator for Ogame (Suite of Calculators; Out of Date)[]

Calculation of the production of resources in various building levels. Also the ability to find out how long it will take to get a given amount of resources. It is currently out of date. It does not consider the impact of plasma Technology level, classes, boosters, or officers, or other newer features and changes to the came.

OGame-Calculator (Suite of Calculators; Out of Date)[]

A very simple to use tool designed to compute the cost and time for anything you need to spend resources on. This includes new colonies, research, fleet, or mines. It also calculates the amortization of mines or flight times from one planet to another. It is currently out of date. It does not consider the impact of plasma Technology level, classes, boosters, or officers, or other newer features and changes to the came.

Stat and Research sites[]


This site provides player stats and alliance stats and reports for all universes. It is possible to look up specific players to see an analysis and charts of growth (or decline) over time. Also there is a record of things like v-mode, inactivity, etc., over lengths of time. This tool can also help you assess the number of active players and activity on a server.

Game Stats (aka War Riders)[]

Basic details on players and alliances within a server. Also provided is a search to locate planets or players in the universe. For example, it is possible to look up all inactive players or a certain rank in a certain system range. Or the number of planets with moons near you, etc. The server is prone to lag and occasionally gives an error that it is busy, requiring a refresh or trying again later.

Expe Detector[]

Expedition statistics mainly, along with other stats such as universe lists and marketplace analysis. Designed around the version 7 of OGame. Site is in French but can be Google Translated if not desirable to view in native language.

Infuza (Out of date)[]

World OGame statistics of players and alliances. Shows ranks, and increased in resources, economy, fleet, research, etc. As of 2020 it is out of date, last being updated with new stats in June 2019.


AntiGameReborn (AGR)[]

AntiGameReborn offers a features for OGame which make play more comfortable. It shows miners completion times, missing resources, the amount of ships that can be constructed as well as putting names over the images. Useful and less advantageous research options are also marked as such. For fleeters there is the popular spy table on your messages page, which will help you with your attacks. Some of these enhancements serve to make OGame work better on mobile devices.

Universe View[]

Universe View is an add-on that helps you to play OGame in a more efficient and effective manner. You can search for planets on almost every page using the player and alliance search, or in the galaxy view simply go to a playername using your mouse. UniverseView apps such as TrashSim and OGotcha are also included in the browser expansion.

Top Raider[]

Top Raider is an add-on and external site. The add-on allows saving of combat and expedition reports, along with other details, into the external site. These are then used to generate statistics and charts on your raids and expeditions over time. You can see your profits and costs, and also compare them to other players in your universe.


You can upload your OGame Combat Reports to OGMem and then share them with other players.


InfoCompte is a script run with Tampermonkey on Google Chrome which allows you to see more efficiently your points on your account, through summary and pie-chart. It also provides a recommended path to upgrade your mines and technologies after calculation of the amortization.


You can find all permitted add-ins for OGame at Tolerated Tools & Extensions in the official forum. Do not use an add-on unless you have confirmed it is tolerated or approved.

A note on prohibited tools[]

Any use of bots, automation scripts, or attack alarms is considered cheating. If you use these you will be banned from the game. (See rules)

You can find all add-ins for OGame by following the link to Tolerated Tools & Extensions.

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