There are many tools helping OGame players store and process important information from the game.

Legality Edit

Official List of "tolerated" OGame addons ("Anything not on the list is forbidden." - only addons)
Official List of all stuff (also addons, but much less updated, therefore refer to above list in higher priority)
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See Simulator.

A simulator is a program used to determine the outcome of battle before it takes place, in essence the program simulates the battle. You enter in info such as: your opponents weapon, armor, and shielding technology levels and all of your opponents defense and ships. Then you enter in the ships that you are planning on sending and it will tell you what the most probable outcome would be.

Espionage Reports ProcessorsEdit

Ogame Report Processor (ORP)Edit

ORP is no longer being maintained. If you're a Delphi programmer, you're welcome to improve it or use GreaseMonkey and change reports to old format

ORP allows users to store espionage and combat reports and data about players and alliances. The users first copy the solar systems containing the planets wish to scan and paste them into the program. This has to be done only once for each system, unless it changes. Then they can copy and paste espionage reports (the program supports pasting multiple reports at once); the planets will be stored in the program's database. (The newer versions support "clipboard watching", thanks to which a user only has to select a solar system/esp report/combat report in the browser, and the program does the rest of the processing.) The users can then sort the reports according to fleet size, resources, scanning date etc. and filter the reports according to the desired criteria.

The program also has the function to store combat reports. The procedure is similar to the one used for espionage reports: users just copy a combat report and paste it into the program. 

The software is available asdownload, installed locally on the user's computer.

ORP is open source (GPL)

Homepage: ORP

JimmyWest Espionage Report ProcessorEdit

This report processor is linked with the attack simulator on the same page. This way, users can copy their espionage report, xay nha gia re paste it into the espionage processor on this page, and then when all of the espionage data has been processed, users can tell the site to link all the stats to the attack simulator. This allows players to begin simulations on targets without typing the other player's stats.

In the processed view of your report you can see more stats about the report without calculating anything by yourself. For instance, hoa chat ho boi the firepower of the planet, or how many cargo ships you need to raid the planet. This is calculated with both large and small cargo ships.

Homepage: JimmyWest's Espionage Report Processor


oSternenkarte is a project written in PHP which allows users who have access to their own server implement a system of sharing espionage reports between different users (eg. members of the same alliance). The project is available as a download, and has to be implemented on a server supporting PHP and MySQL.

Homepage: oSternenKarte Sourceforge Project Page

EspRep - OGame Report Processing and Sharing TechnologyEdit

EspRep has closed and has been sold

EspRep is similar in nature to ORP/oSternenkarte, though only available online, via any web browser, and is based upon Alliance sharing espionage reports, Solar System dumps, rankings and other information.Click Cach thong bon cau tai nha nhanh nhat

Since it is hosted by it's owner, all updates are automatically maintained and updated. The other advantage is that EspRep is supported in 12 different languages.

EspRep can also assist in organising alliances through it's Request system and Login Message

Homepage: EspRep


You can use the Espionage Converter from EXG to convert your espionage report into HTML or BBCode. The html converter has an option to upload/save the report for you once converted.


OgameCentral Galaxytool hostingEdit

Since the 1st of november, OgameCentral started a hosting service for the Galaxytool. This service is free, but users have to disable their adblocker in order to use the service.

Homepage: Galaxytool hosting

Server StatusEdit

To see the server status click here

Gamestats Edit

Gamestats is a rather recent OGame statistics server. It serves the .de, .us, .fr, .org, .pl and .es universes.

It generates rather nice little charts about players with score and fleet score, and it can compare individual players as well as alliances. They even have tops and flops of the day and a rudimentary galaxy chart (ala galaxy view but without espionage reports).

The statistics are updated once a day but they lag behind about 24 hours, and the galaxy maps seem to be updated once every 2 weeks.


Ogame Open Universe 42 GalaxytoolEdit

Ogame open galaxytool is a galaxytool which does not require the user to sign in or register. It is fairly recent and includes a list of player ranks as well as search functions for players like traditional galaxytools. Click heach This however also includes a chatroom allowing any ogame players alliance or otherwise to talk about the game and provide feedback on the galaxytool. Currently this tool only runs for the english redisign of Ogame Universe 42.

Homepage: Ogame Open Galaxytool


OGame Statistik is a site similar in function to Nollex. The information displayed for each player/alliance are: place, score, fleet number, fleet rank, research, research rank; for players the info additionaly includes the alliance they belong to, for alliances - members in Top 1500. Additionally, clicking on a player's name displays a chart depicting the tendency of their score/fleet number/research.

The site supports only unis of

Homepage: Ostat(in German)

Universe Electra Public Galaxy ToolEdit

Electra Public Galaxy Tool

CR ConvertersEdit

[ONLINE] OGame Winner CR ConverterEdit

Many CR converters already exist. I took as a starting point certain that I found well and I added my personal key : You can add images, smileys. It can calculate profitability and consumption.

OGW CR Converter

[OFFLINE] OGSConverterEdit

OGSConverter is a OGame reports converter for CR reports, harvest reports, espionage reports, empire overview and member list.

There are lots of options, the standards options and more. For example, CR rentability.

It is the RC converter the most personalizable with its system of model.

It is multi-OS and multi-language.

Board for download on OGSTeam: OGSConverter

OGSConverter OnLine Portal: OGSConverter OnLine

DutchDemon's CR ConverterEdit

This resource is no longer available.

The author has moved on to pursue other interests.

Our thanks go out to the author for the time and effort spent on the converter when it was available.

brantje's CR ConverterEdit

The tool is similar DutchDemon's but it is online and supports English, Italian, French, Polish, Balkan, Turkish, German, Portuguese and Dutch CRs.

The author is still working on it duh. You can send your suggestions to him. He is a really slow guy so don't aspect to much of him, he can easily make bugs and try to add some new features. If you want to add new language support, don't bother it will never happen

Homepage: brantje's CR Converter

[OFFLINE] wtKonwerter - CR ConverterEdit

wtKonwerter is an online CR converter made by Polish player wtk300. wtKonwerter supports reports from, and Converter can calculate profit for winner, loss in units/resources, values of the fleets and cost of the flight.

Homepage: Offline

[ONLINE] OGame CR Converter by Dejma Edit

'OGame CR Converter ('OGame Combat Report Convertor)

Supports both the old and redesign universes. Converter that allows you to set 120 different items around the battlefield reports. Font size, font color and other properties,such as names of ships or a color gradient. Calculates the balance for the lost ships and defense. Handles recycling and next raids reports. You can OGame CZ, SK, ORG, U.S., RO, IT

Homepage: OGame CR Converter by Dejma

[ONLINE] LogServer.netEdit

Storage of combat reports from OGame. All servers and langs are supported. Project is the winner of tender on russian community (forum).

Demo: Vanchez vs. fear30 (509.588.000,, 13/10/10)



See Calculator.



  • Global view of your empire, export for board presentation
  • Production summary displayed as a signature
  • Miner, researcher, raiders and defenders rankings per universe and multi-universe
  • Helping tools to manage your account
  • Lootings and CR converters
  • SR converter

Homepage : OGameTools

Standard Ogame ProjectEdit

Cung thiết bị, phần mềm, cho ăn khi chơi trò chơi OGF,

New Links, new informations, detailed view of your empire production.

A video of how it works can be found on the home page of the project, and youtube, and installation procedure is the same of other FireFox plugins.

The tool is in beta test, so feel free to try it out and report any bugs on the StOgame support site.

Works on,,

Homepage: Standard Ogame Project


This site allows you to save combat reports from and You can see all your reports at any time and share them with a link.

Homepage: SaveCR


A tool designed for trading OGame resources in all OGame domains and universes.

Homepage: OMarket - OGame resources trade tool

brantje’s Trade CalculatorEdit

A simple tool that can be used to calculate trading values for Ogame.

Homepage: Trade calculator


This is an online alliance data sharing tool currently available in german, english, spanish, dutch, balkan, french, portugues, turkish, danish, italian, polish, brazil, russian, swedish and greek. A website with PHP and MySQL support is required to use it.

Homepage: Galaxy Tool

Free GalaxyTool hosting here

GalaxyTool Wiki

Open Galaxy NetworkEdit

Open Galaxy - public galaxy map. It allows players to find planets and moons of other players and alliances, like GalaxyTool. But if GalaxyTool is private database, Open Galaxy is public. To use it players just need to install plugin. No settings, no registration - server detects all required data automatically. After installing plugin you can update database and search players directly from ogame.




Officer FinderEdit

An set of online tools that can look for officers if you give them espionage reports, plug in esp techs and probes sent to detect technocrats, and that can check for engineers by a combat report and the combat report or espionage report after.

Homepage: Officer Finder

Ninja TimerEdit

No more counting on fingers and mucking around with stop watches! This tool allows you to accurately time a ninja so you can get both the ninja fleet and the DF. It uses an offset of 10 seconds for the Ninja fleet, and 30 for the recycler fleet. This way, there is plenty of time for the OGame server to process your fleet, but not enough for the attacker to espionage you.

Homepage:Ninja Timer

PwnGameReader - An Android OGame RSS Reader Edit

With PwnGameReader you will be able read OGame RSS feeds on your mobiles desktop. It supports many OGame releated RSS optimizations such as tag scanning for players, coords and timestamps. It implements OGames latest RSS Combat-Report parsing. You can view complete combat reports even when only sending a single spy drone without scanning.

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