You can find all add-ins for OGame by following the link to Tolerated Tools & Extensions

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AntiGameReborn (AGR)Edit

AntiGameReborn offers a wide range of features for OGame which make play more comfortable. No matter if miner or fleeter, there's something for everybody. It shows miners completion times, missing resources, the amount of ships that can be constructed as well as putting names over the images. Useful and less advantageous research options are also marked as such. For fleeters there is the popular spy table on your messages page, which will help you with your attacks.


TrashSim is a user-friendly online combat simulator. All you need is the API key of the espionage report to automatically fill the data for defender’s ships, defence structures and research and to simulate the fight.

Universe ViewEdit

Universe View is a great add-on that helps you to play OGame in a more efficient and effective manner. This then makes wiping out other player’s planets a doddle! You can search for planets on almost every page using the player and alliance search, or in the galaxy view simply go to a playername using your mouse. UniverseView apps such as TrashSim and OGotcha are also included in the browser expansion.


You can upload your OGame Combat Reports to OGMem and then share them with other players. OGMem is a website that lets you show the world how great of an OGame player you are! You can upload your Combat Reports and then compare them with those of other players. Create your own account and discover what OGMem has to offer!


InfoCompte is a script run with Tampermonkey on Google Chrome which allows you to see more efficiently your points on your account, through summary and pie-chart. It also provides a recommended path to upgrade your mines and technologies after calculation of the amortization.

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