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Trading resources is common in-game. You can conduct trades directly in-game with ally members or other players you trust but you can also publicly advertise resources and what you want in exchange at the Trade Forums or OMarket.

Trade Ratios[]

People are required to trade using a ratio between 3:2:1 and 2:1:1 (metal : crystal : deut). A 3:2:1 ratio means 1 unit of deut is worth 3 metal or 2 crystal, similarly a 2:1:1 ratio means 1 deut is worth 2 metal or 1 crystal. Failure to trade between these ratios is seen as a form of pushing and can result in a ban of your account. The exchange rate (ratio) varies depending upon how abundant the resource is in a universe and how old the universe is, but some commonly used ratios are listed below.

Metal Crystal Deuterium
3 2 1
2 1.5 1
2 1 1


If two players initiate a trade, the trade should be completed within 72 hours unless a GO was notified before. Otherwise, both players may be banned for pushing. If a player reneges and does not send resources during a trade after the other player already has, that player may also be subject to a ban.

The way to do a trade that ensures that it is completed without problems is as follows:

  • Lower ranked player sends resources to higher ranked player.
  • Higher waits till resources arrives then sends back.
If the higher ranked player does not send the return, the lower ranked player can contact a GO who will ban the higher ranked player for being pushed and force them to return it.
If the higher ranked player sends first and the lower ranked player does not return, there is no guarantee that the lower ranked player will be banned, since this is not against the game rules for higher ranked players to send resources to lower ranked players. This is often referred to as Pulling.

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