I have played ogame a a short time (less than a year.) I play in Uni 1 (1x speed) and 5 (2x speed) on the .US server and in 35 (5x), 40 (2x), and 42 (Beta) on the .Org server.

So, Uni 42 is the Beta server and by the way it is based a lot on Flash; it shows planetary development in a visual manner. Resources are updated in real time; Uni 42 is a 1x speed server currently.

Cheers! -Sx-  :)

UPDATE: I have finally given up on the .Org servers (Unis 35, 40, and 42.) I can't play them if I can't log in and I am tired of losing because of connection issues. Maybe one day people will stop trying to hack and and break things they don't like.

PS - You might want to keep this URL in mind:

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