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Weapon Power measures the damage that a unit's shoot inflicts on its target.

During combat, every ship has the ability to shoot at least once on a random enemy unit. Weapon power measures the amount of damage that each shot inflicts on the unit. It only depends on the base Weaponry (WBase, which values can be found on table bellow) of the unit and the level of Weapon Technology (WTech). Each technological improvement of the Weapon Technology increases the Weapon Power (WPow) by 10%:

Units by Base Weaponry[]

Ship Attack Strength Defense Attack Strength
Death Star 200,000 Plasma Turret 3,000
Destroyer 2,000 Gauss Cannon 1,100
Bomber 1,000 Heavy Laser 250
Battle Ship 1,000 Ion Cannon 150
Battlecruiser 700 Light Laser 100
Cruiser 400 Rocket Launcher 80
Heavy Fighter 150 Small Shield Dome 1
Light Fighter 50 Large Shield Dome 1
Colony Ship 50
Large Cargo Ship 5
Small Cargo Ship 5
Recycler 1
Solar Satellite 1
Espionage Probe 0.1

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